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Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 everyone!!!
May 2010 be a wonderful year for all of you!!!~^o^~

New Year ~ Chinese New Year PROMOTION
(1-1-2010 to 14-2-2010)
As long as you purchase 1 Customised AnimeTee from us, we'll give u a 20% discount off the price exclusive of postage /meet-up fee. :)

DONT MISS THIS GREAT CHANCE!!!! Grab your CNY AnimeTee here!!! ^_^

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome to I-Love-Anime-Tee~!!!! ^0^

We are here to satisfy the desire of Anime Lovers out there for MORE Anime Products :D

We are selling
Hand-Drawn AnimeTee!!!~

Simply go to search engines like Yahoo, Google and find a picture and send a order form to us!

We will get an AnimeTee that only you have in this whole wide world!
Isn't it cool?

Feel free to send us any enquiries that you have in your mind to iloveanimetee@gmail.com! We will reply within 48hrs ^^

For more information & details, go to http://iloveanimetee-howtopurchaseanimete.blogspot.com/

To view some of the pictures of our SOLD AnimeTees, go to iloveanimetee-soldtee.blogspot.com

***Look for Navigations at the left side of the panel***

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Note that we are purchasing our plain Tees from Giordano.

To know your correct size of t-shirt, please go to any Giordano Retail Store to try the plain tees on your own :)

Thank you!~^^

For the colour of the AnimeTee, you can tell us the colour you want (Note that you can only choose from the colours available in Giordano Retail Store). However, we highly encourage you to choose white, black or gray tees. This is because these colours are the easiest to match ink colours. But it's still alright if you prefer other colours. What's more important is to get an AnimeTee that you like~^^


Happy SHOPPING~!!! \(^0^)/

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Welcome to iloveanimetee.blogspot.com
We are here to satisfy your desire for more Anime Products
Such as AnimeTee!!!~
Come on and purchase Hand-Drawn AnimeTee now!~
無料Cuteアクセスカウンター 看護師 求人 転職 会社設立

♫ About Us ♫
♣ We are officially opened on 11/11/2009
♣ Live in Jurong West,Singapore~
♣ All of our AnimeTees are Hand-Drawn!
♣ For any enquiry, feel free to email us at iloveanimetee@gmail.com Or drop us a message at the Enquiry CBox!
Thanks yo~
♣ We currently ONLY accept POSB Bank Transfer~
♣ For collection mode, we do Meet-ups and Mail.
For more information regarding collection mode, Click HERE~

Enjoy your stay in iLoveAnimeTee~

♥ Navigations ♥

Instock AnimeTee
Order Status
Sold AnimeTees
Collection Modes
How to Purchase Customised AnimeTee
Order Form

♥ Terms&Conditions ♥

1♥ No Payment = No Confirmation
2♥ We will not be responsible if you transfer your money to the wrong account. So please enter our account no. carefully.
3♥ Please clear all your doubts and questions before ordering from us.
4♥ We do not accept refunds or cancelling of order once u have paid.
5♥ If u cancel your orders, we will take all the money that you've given to us. NO refunds will be given.
6♥ If u chose Normal Mail, we will not be responsible if your AnimeTee is lost. So it is highly recommended for u to choose Registered Mail~^^
7♥ We will do our part by sending you your goods in their best conditions and will make sure they are properly packaged. However, we are not responsible for any damages that may be made to your goods during the course of delivery.

♫ Details on How to purchase a Customised AnimeTee ♫

(1) If u want a customized Animetee, i.e, u can choose what u want on the T-Shirt, please search on net on any search engine like Google, Yahoo etc. for an anime picture that u like to have on your AnimeTee!

(2)Then EMAIL your Order Form to iloveanimetee@gmail.com using the format given by us (which can be found below the Enquiry Cbox)!

(3) When we receive your Order Form, we will tell u the price of the AnimeTee that u want!

(4) You can then decide whether u really want that tee.
>>> if u want the AnimeTee, send us a Confirmation Mail after making Payment to our POSB Savings Account which will be given upon receiving your Order Form.
>>> if u don't want the AnimeTee anymore, you don't need to bother to send us any mail. But please feel free to come visit us again! We will be pleased to do another AnimeTee just for you~^^

* The Format of Confirmation Mail will also be given together with our POSB Savings account number.
* Every AnimeTee (with only one side drawn) will cost less than $29 for Male AnimeTee and less than $39 for Female AnimeTee excluding postage/meet-up fee, depending on the difficulty of the picture u want us to draw.
*For AnimeTee with two sides drawn, the cost will be less than $39 for Male AnimeTee and less than $45 for Female AnimeTee excluding postage/meet-up fee, depending on the difficulty of the picture u want us to draw.

EASY ISN'T IT? o(^_^)o

For MORE DESCRIPTION and Clearer View, Click Here~


☆ Order Status ☆
♥ 1st Stage - Drawing - will take about 5~7days (1week)
♥ 2nd Stage - Painting - 5~7days (1week)
♥ 3rd Stage - Touching Up - 2~3days
♥ Last Stage - Drying - 1~2days
♥ Completed (Total: ~3weeks)

* Please note that this is only estimated timing.
* Total Time may vary for different design.

For Order Status of your AnimeTee, Click Here~

Enquiries Here!

We will reply you within 2days~^.^
If we didn't reply in 2days, please email us at iloveanimetee@gmail.com

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♀ Order Form ♂

NOTE: Please EMAIL us the Order Form
Our Email is iloveanimetee@gmail.com ^^

To order Customised AnimeTee, please use this Order Form~

To copy, press Ctrl & C together~^^

========COPY from HERE========

Contact Number:
URL of selected Picture:
Image of the Picture: (upload your picture if u don’t have the URL)
Special Request:(for example, Speed Completion etc)

=========COPY till HERE=========

To order Instock AnimeTee, please use this Order Form~

For payment using POSB Bank Transfer, use this order form:

========COPY from HERE========
Contact Number:
Item Code: (The Item Code of the item that you want)
Type of Collection: Registered Mail/Normal Mail / Meet-up Transaction Reference Number:
Transaction Time:
Transaction Amount:(please add postage fee/ meet-up fee to the price of the AnimeTee)
Attachment of Receipt: Yes/No (It is recommended for you to do so because it will be easier for us to check your payment. Hence your AnimeTee would be delivered to u faster ^_^)
=========COPY till HERE=========

*For more information about the place & price of Meet-Ups and Postage fees, go to HERE
*Note that for Speed Completion, the price of the AnimeTee will be higher.*

Speed Completion meant that we will complete your AnimeTee faster(you can state u want us to complete by what date),thus u can receive it at a earlier time~^^
However,do note that for Speed Completion, the price of the AnimeTee will be higher.

For more desciption and CLEARER VIEW, Click Here

Rate us!!! :D

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